Sunday 16 August
10.30  Angus and Megan Linton                       Colin and Caitlin Turner
10.38 Alexander and Emma Watson               David and Abby Steedman
10.46 Gary and Samantha MacGregor            David Oswald and Erica McIntosh
10.54  Sarah and Georgia Ledingham            Norman and Rachel Skillen
11.02  Derek and Kirsty McCallum                   Ed and Phoebe Massey
11.10  Robert and Louisa Forman                    Sue Cowie and Ellie Ferguson
11.18  Grandpa and Isla McLeish                     Mike and Anja Ramsay
11.26  Alastair and Holly McLeish                    Stuart and Nena Ramsay
          Derek and Martha Johnston
Adults drive the odd holes, Girls drive the even holes
Nearest the pin for the girls at the 4th hole
Nearest the pin for the adults at the 9th hole
Many thanks to Stuart Ramsay from GL Floors for sponsoring this event.
GL Floors Adult/Junior Girls Competition Sunday 16 August