The Gibson Cup took place over the Braids last weekend in glorious sunshine . Quite a change from last year when we couldn’t even see the 1st tee never mind the green.

Some of our Midlothian ladies did exceptionally well in the comp with Sue Cowie and Pam Townsend taking the Trophy beating Anne Brownie and Mary Stark at the 17th.

Pam Townsend and Sue Cowie with the Trophy that was first presented in 2006     

It was Anne Brownie’s last time of organising the event on behalf of Edinburgh Leisure . I am sure there are many Midlothian players in this event who would like to join me in thanking her for all the hard work that makes this competition such a great event.

Sal Shepherd is going to be taking over from Anne. We wish her good times in the future with the running of the competition.

Gibson Cup