Dear Team Captains
As you know, we ran a fund raiser event for MCLGA at Baberton GC on Sat 3rd Sept. The funds were raised to support the travel and accommodation costs of the county team’s caddies at the County Finals in Aboyne and beyond!
So far we have raised just over £2600 and hope that the total will rise towards £2800 as we sell off the remaining MCLGA tees at the County Autumn meeting and AGM.
We cannot thank everyone enough for their kindness and generosity in supporting this event but here goes.
    Firstly, a huge thank you to Baberton GC who generously gave us courtesy of the course.
    To Lexus, our main sponsor, we owe a big thanks for their prizes, donation and for printing off the competition cards.
    Karen and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Keith Nicholson (no relation) for his help throughout the planning and organising phases as well as on the day.
    Lisa Kilpatrick and Maureen McLeod at MCLGA for handling all of the money and entry forms.
    The many contributors to the competition and raffle prizes (see lists attached for team and raffle prizes). Through their generosity we were able to give out 6 team prizes and 2 nearest the pin prizes as well as an amazing 85 raffle prizes!
    Our helpers on the day who manned the registration desk: Alison McBride; Gail Joughin; Helen Ross; Jacky Burnett; Maggie McPherson; Pamela Williamson; and Tracy Laughland.
    The catering, bar and green staff at Baberton for helping to create a great day out for all of us.
    And all of you and your teams for coming along, supporting the event and making the day a great success.
Some of you already have your prizes, for those that don’t, where possible, the team and raffle prizes will be transported to your clubs. Baberton members should be able to collect their prizes from the pro shop from Thursday this week. 
There were 3 items of property found on the course that most likely belong to a competitor. A GPS device, sun glasses and a distinctive large ball marker. If you would like to reclaim one, the GPS and glasses were handed in to Baberton at the bar and the marker is with Zandra.
Thank you all so very much for your support,
Karen & Wendy
With thanks to donations from: All of the clubs that provided 4 balls; Lexus (main sponsor), Alasdair McLean; American Golf; Chris Purves; Elaine Marshall; Elaine Moffat; Emma Wilson; Fiona De Vries; Fiona Smith; Gail Joughin; Ian Young; Isobel Halliday; The Irvine Family; Jacky Burnett; Joan Marshall; Karen Marshall; Ken Kelly; Linda Boyle; Maggie McPherson; Mandy Dougal; Margaret Rogers; Marge Gammie; Scott MacPherson; Sharon MacPherson; Stephen Gallagher Foundation; and Tracy Laughland.

Team Prizes

1st Team:              4 GO FORE!
Margo Boyle
June Stewart
Angela McArthur
Olga Greenan   
(78, 39)
Tee Shirts, Umbrellas,  Baberton Towels, Sleeve              of balls, MCLGA Tees
2nd Team:             NO NAME  I
Barry Sutherland
 Alan Strong
Gordon Finnie
William                Loban   
(68, 27, bih 40)
Dome Vouchers, Umbrellas, MCLGA Tees
3rd Team: NO NAME II
Andrew Bell
Stan Drew
Jim Gladson
 Les Hanratty     
 (68, 30)               
  Wentworth Caps, Wentworth Towels,  MCLGA                Tees
4thTeam:             MISFITS                3
Ali Bryce
Stephen Locke;
John Gentles
Brian Purves     
 (67,33 bih 41)
Ryder Cup Towels, Scotland Tees, Sleeve of balls
4 Hole  
 1stTeam:             The Gamsters
Alan Gammie
Rob Bowie
 Mike Andrews
Roger McArthur               
Sushi dishes
2nd Team:             MISFITS 2
Jimmy Rankeillor
Raymond Bungay
 Alan Ruff
 Iain Sinclair      
 M&S Vouchers, MCLGA  Tees
 Nearest  the pin 14th:   The Gamsters   
IRIS Restaurant Voucher

Nearest                  the Pin 17th:    Rogers Rabbits 
 Brian, Joan,  Stephen & Ella Marshall
Globe Inn Tour and lunch for 4

Raffle Prizes

No                          Type                                                      Winner                                                                 Course
1                              Royal Dornoch 4 ball                       Doreen Scotland                            Ravelston
2                              Dundonald Links 4 ball                   Alan Goodman                                 Baberton  
3                              Southerness 4 ball                           Margo Boyle                                     Baberton
 4                             West Linton 4 ball                            Lisa Kilpatrick                                     Pumpherston
5                              Duddingston GC 4 ball                    Helen Simpson                                  Baberton
6                              Mortonhall GC 4 ball                       Adrienne Turner                              Baberton
7                              Bruntsfield Links  4 ball                  Gail Joughin                                        Merchants
8                              Broomieknowe  GC 4 ball             Jean Broadwood                             Baberton
9                              Turnhouse GC  4 ball                       Katherine Logan                               Baberton
10                           Alloa GC 4 ball                                    ElaineMoffat                                   St Regulus
11                           Ratho GC 4 ball                                  Kate Brown                                      Baberton
 12                          Newbattle 4 ball                               Lesley Ballantyne                             Turnhouse
13                           Harburn 4 ball                                   Alan Gammie                                     Baberton
14                           Glencorse GC 4 ball                         Keith Nicholson                                  Baberton
15                           Liberton GC 4ball                              Margaret Parr                                   Merchants
16                           Kingsknowe GC 4 ball                      Cheery Dearies                                 Deer Park
 17                          Kingsfield GC 4 ball                         Alison Malliadet-O’Neill                  Kingsknowe
18                           Deer Park 4 ball                                 Jim Gladstone                                  Baberton
19                           Murrayfield GC 4 ball                      Kay Cuthbertson                              Swanston
20                           Lenzie GC 4 ball                                 Vicky Sproule                                   Ratho Park
21                           Ratho Park GC 4 ball                        Susan Rennie                                    Turnhouse
22                           Pumpherston GC 4 ball                  Fergus Bailey                                      Dalmahoy
 23                          Ravelston GC 4 ball                          Christian Boorman                           Mortonhall
24                           Swanston New  GC 4 ball               Mandy Dougal                                   Baberton
 25                          Voucher  for BB Russell  Hotel     KeithNicholson                                   Baberton
26                           Lanson Champagne                        Di  Williams                                         Canada
27                           Vodka                                                Stephen Marshall                            Baberton
28                           Port                                                     Stewart Brown                                Ratho Park
29                           Whisky                                               Elaine Moffat                                     St Regulus
30                           Spa Vouchers                                    Brian Marshall                                   Baberton
31                           Callaway balls                                    Janis Sutherland                               Swanston
32                           Callaway balls                                    Aileen Brannan                                 Mortonhall
33                           Callaway balls                                    Jennifer Dick                                      Turnhouse
34                           Callaway balls                                    Margaret Steele                               Dunfermline     
35                           Wilson Staff balls                              Alan Fleming                                      Baberton
36                           Wilson Staff balls                              Wendy Nicholson                            Baberton
37                           Wilson Staff balls                             Mandy Irvine                                     Baberton
38                           Wilson Staff balls                              Fergus Baillie                                      Dalmahoy
39                           Taylormade balls                              Stephen Marshall                            Baberton
40                           Taylormade balls                              Alan Neave                                        Baberton
41                           Taylormade balls                             Lesley  Ballantyne                            Turnhouse
42                           Taylormade balls                              JamesEwing                                      Baberton
43                           ProV1 balls                                          Rob Bowie                                          Baberton
44                           ProV1 balls                                          Tracy Laughland                                Mortonhall
45                           ProV1 balls                                          Isla McCrone                                     Turnhouse
46                           ProV1 balls                                          Katherine Logan                               Baberton
47                           ProV1 balls                                          Anna McFadden                              Ravelston
48                           ProV1 balls                                          Les Hanratty                                     Baberton
49                           ProV1 balls                                          Joanne Watt                                      Gullane
 50                          ProV1 balls                                          Alan Goodman                                  Baberton
51                           ProV1 balls                                         Stan Drew                                           Baberton
52                           ProV1 balls                                          Alan Goodman                                                 Baberton
53                           ProV1 balls                                          Joan Marshall                                    Baberton
54                           ProV1 balls                                          SharonMacPherson                       Baberton
 55                          SouthernComfort                            MandyMcBain                                   Lochend
56                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            WendyNicholson                            Baberton
57                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Carole McAllister
58                           BraidsRange Ball Voucher             AnneBarr                                           Baberton
59                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Katy Lessels                                       Ravelston
60                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Pamela Williamson                          Baberton
61                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Jessica  Walker                                 Mortonhall
62                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            E Anderson                                        Swanston
63                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Maggie McPherson                         Baberton
64                           Braids Range Ball Voucher           Wendy Nicholson                            Baberton
65                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Eleanor Birrell                                  Baberton
66                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Eunice Reid                                       Lochend
67                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Angela McArthur                             Baberton
68                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Jan Thomson                                    Turnhouse
69                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Karen Marshall                                  Baberton
70                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Russell Philp                                       Baberton
 71                          Braids Range Ball Voucher            Karen Ballantyne                              Craigmillar Park
73                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Simon Appleyard                             Ratho Park
73                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Gilly Glen                                            Craigmillar Park
74                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Les Stewart                                        Baberton
75                           Braids Range Ball Voucher            Gilly Glen                                            Craigmillar Park
76                           Red wine1                                          Sophie Ross                                       Ratho Park        
77                           Red wine 2                                          ClaireBarnish                                   Broomieknowe
78                           Red wine 3                                          Liz Robinson                                       Ratho Park
79                           Red wine 4                                          Norma Hogg                                      Merchants
 80                          White wine 1                                     Tracy Laughland                                Mortonhall
81                           White wine 2                                     John Milligan                                      Baberton
82                           White wine 3                                     Jane Macdonald                              Merchants
83                           White wine4                                      Rob Bowie                                          Baberton
84                           White wine 5                                     Linda Mailer                                       King James VI
85                           Bottle of Pimms                                Jacky Burnett                                    Broomieknowe

Fundraiser for Caddies