Today saw the final round of this year’s running 12 hole competition at the Hermitage Golf Club. It was great weather and soon the jumpers were off as the 3 juniors who turned up, got down to business. The rough is still a nightmare and, after Caitlin Turner visited it on the first hole, it was decided that it really wasn’t the best idea and none of the three looked close to going in it again. All 3 girls showed Lindsey Hunter, the squad member helping out today, their fantastic swings and hit some tremendous shots. Caitlin played steadily the whole way round recording halves of 32 and 33 and an overall score of 65, 18 over par, to take first place. Second was Lisa Macpherson who hit some fabulous shots, including 2 great shots to the par 4 7th and back to back drives at the 9th and 10th holes. Unfortunately, Lisa had left her putting boots at home. Third was Lucy Morrison who had been put under pressure by big sister Emma to break 100. This she did with no trouble at all, hitting some fabulous drives and great recovery shots from the lighter rough.

So at the end of the running competition, the winner of the handicap section and the McPherson Trophy is Emma Morrison with a total of 12 points and with Julia Smith in second place. In the non-handicap section, the winner of the Caton Trophy is Caitlin Turner with 25 points, second is Kim Naysmith with 18 points and third is Lisa Macpherson with 12 points.

Well done to everyone who has taken part and to Emma and Caitlin.

Final month of the Hermitage running competition