Day 1.

Midlothian played Fife

Morning foursomes

Elaine Moffat and Lynn Newton (Fife)
were beaten by Midlothian’s Gabrielle Macdonald and Karen Marshall 1 up
Dorothy Ford and Karin Sharp  (Fife)beat
Midlothians Louise Fraser and Alison McBride 4/3
Lorna McKinley and Linda Dyball (Fife)were beaten
by Midlothians Kate McIntosh and Wendy Nicholson 4/3

The singles in the afternoon

Elaine Moffat (Fife) beat Gabrielle Macdonald (Mid) 4/3
Hannah Robb (Fife) was beaten by Kate McIntosh (Mid) 4/2
Karin Sharp (Fife) was beaten by Hannah Scott (Mid) 6/5
Sam Munro (Fife) was beaten by Wendy Nicholson (Mid) 3/2
Lynn Newton (Fife) beat Karen Ferguson 2 up
Lorna McKinlay (Fife) was beaten by Karen Marshall (Mid) 2/1

And so Midlothian won the day 6 matches to 3

Some great golf and some great matches played in exceptionally good spirit.

Shot of the day goes to Wendy who feeling under pressure to hit one to the green from a very unsuitable position . Shot it out at great speed and headed straight for the ditch only to decide it would take the easy route over the bridge. Hole saved.

Stirling and Clackmannan played East Lothian

Louise McGregor and Elaine Allison (S&C ) were beaten by Clara Young and Liz Dunn Butler (East) 7/5
Laura Bissett and Margo Gardiner (S&C) beat Joanne Free and Lauren Lee (East)
Claire Capocci and Mhairi (S&C)Hall beat  Jane Herd and Susan Penman (East)

Laura Bissett (S&C) beat Lesley Atkins (East) 3/2
Louise MacGregor (S&C) was beaten by Joanne Free (East) 2up
Jennifer Allan (S&C)  was beaten by Clara Young (East) 7/5
 Linda Allan (S&C) beat Lauren Lee(East) 3/2
 Claire Capocci (S&C) wasbeaten by Lesley Johnston (East)4/2
Margo Gardner (S&C) was beaten by Liz Dunn Butler (East) 3/2

East Lothian won by 5 matches to 4

Here’s hoping for another favourable weather day tomorrow. We are off again at 09.30 against East Lothian

East Division Inter – County Matches at Scotscraig.