Here is the draw for the Competition on Sunday, 16th November.  Please make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before your tee-off time.  In the event of any call-offs, please contact Sharon on:  07743 035822.

10.30    Rachael Skillen              Norman Skillen
             Jessica Walker               Vivien Walker

10.36    Georgia Ledingham       Sarah Ledingham

             Ellie Ferguson               Susan Cowie

10.42    Louisa Forman                Liz Henderson
             Phoebe Massey              John Henderson

10.48    Emily Walker                  Andrew Walker
             Ella Marshall                   Karen Marshall

10.54    Grace Marshall               Stephen Marshall
             Erica McIntosh               David Oswald

11.00    Samantha McGregor      Gary McGregor
             Devon Boyle                   Chris Boyle

11.06    Erin Johnston                 Jonathan Johnston
             Larissa Hogg                  Colin Hogg

11.12    Victoria Weir                   Andrew Weir
             Louise Smith                  Gill Smith

11.18    Lisa Macpherson            William Lamb
             Megan Linton                 Angus Linton

11.24    Carys Irvine                    Mandy Irvine
             Emily Rigg                      Julie Rigg

11.30    Emma Watson               Sandy Watson
             Claire Forrester             Colin Forrester

11.36    Lucy Morrison                Ricky Morrison
             Hannah Darling             David Darling

11.42    Caitlin Turner                 Adrienne Turner
             Katie Darling                  Fiona Darling


Draw for Junior/Adult Competition on 16th November