Draw for Adult/Junior Competition
Sunday 20 August
Swanston Templar Course
9am  Lauren and Garry Reid
         Georgia and Sarah Ledingham
9.06  Nicola Lamb and Yvonne Wilson
         Lisa Macpherson and Bill Lamb
9.12 Erica McIntosh and David Oswald
        Jessica and Andrew Walker
9.18  Louisa and Robert Forman
         Grace and Brian Marshall
9.24 Natasha and David Simson
        Anya Ramsay and Lisa Kilpatrick
9.30 Martha and Derek Johnston
        Darcy and Mark Riddell
9.36   Lara and Marcus Collings
          Ruby and Peter Keys
9.42   Holly and Matt Reed
         Abbi and Barri Millar
9.48   Victoria and Andrew Weir
         Emily and Brian Tait 
Draw for Adult and girl event on Sunday 20th August 2017