Coronavirus in the UK is, sadly, still very much with us and with no further update from the Government at this time, lock down continues and Midlothians events will continue to be postponed. Some of the officials have held a virtual meeting and discussed various aspects of the impact Coronavirus will have on our events, host Clubs and us Members as individuals.

Whilst we feel it is still too early for us as a County to cancel everything, we will continue to monitor what is likely to get played as time moves on by communicating with host Clubs and adhering to updates from the Government.

The Spring Meeting and Championship qualifier will not take place on Monday 27th April and we are in contact with the host Club about a possible future date to hold this. Scottish Golf have cancelled all their events which includes the Commonwealth Spoons Finals at Dullater. As a result our Commonwealth Spoons Foursomes at Dalmahoy which was postponed will now be cancelled for 2020.

The Summer Knock Outs, 5 asides and Greensome Matches will be decided in due course and we are aware of the difficulties of a potential extension to the season would bring to individual Clubs for the Team Matches. Whilst trying to remain optimistic the longer lock down continues, the likelihood of these ties and Matches will lessen.

East Division Inter County dates are July and East Division Captains have agreed to communicate later regarding this tournament.

Midlothian Junior events are mostly later in the season and we will continue to monitor these events too. The Junior Girls Spring Meeting was postponed and Caroline, Junior Secretary, has been in contact with Liberton about a possible re-scheduled date.

We would like to thank the Membership for their patience during these challenging times and we hope you are all well by staying safe, staying at home and by doing so saving lives. On behalf of everybody in Midlothian we would also like to thank everybody working for the NHS, all the care workers and all the key workers who are working tirelessly ensuring people get to their work, delivery drivers and to the shop staff themselves. Key workers to many of us will also include all the Greenkeepers at our own Clubs and I’m sure you will agree the Golf Courses are looking fabulous with their strong green colours and blossom blooming on the trees. Hopefully not too long before we can all return and enjoy the hard work from all the Greenkeepers.

Thursdays 8pm 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼. Stay safe all.

Louise Fraser
Midlothian Captain

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