1st       S Shepherd (Craigmillar Park) & C Barnish (Broomieknowe)        62.5

2nd       M Stewart (Deer Park) & C Cunningham (Deer Park)                      64

3rd       E Todd (Prestonfield) & B McQuillam (Prestonfield)                        67

4th       F Ford (Murrayfield) & A McGill (Murrayfield)                                  67.5

5th       H Carpenter (Mortonhall) & V Curran (Mortonhall)                        68

6th       M Nicol (Dalmahoy) &n L Lindsay (Dalmahoy)                                  69

7th       M Parr (Merchants) & H Scott (Turnhouse)                                       69.5 (bih)

8th       H Anderson (Craigmillar Park) & F Tyrrell (Craigmillar Park)         69.5


10% of the field (78 couples) go forward to the next round on Monday 3rd September at Stirling Golf Course.  All above have indicated their availability but the following would be reserves for the unexpected withdrawal!

1st       B Watt (Ravelston) & R Henaughen (Ravelston)                               70

2nd       B Hamilton (Newbattle) &S Campbell (Newbattle)                          70


Magic 2s – £13.00 each                Money will be given to Reps on 23rd May.

H Anderson & F Tyrrell                 Craigmillar Park

R Brown & A Brownie                   Mortonhall

S Cooke & E Leslie                          Merchants

W Nicholson & K Marshall           Baberton

M Parr & H Scott    x2                    Merchants /Turnhouse

S Randall & M McBain   x2           Carrickvale/Lochend

Commonwealth Spoons Monday 14th May 2018