The Commonwealth Spoons is open for entry until 30th May via the Scottish Golf App.

Please indicate your preferred tee time in the notes on the first page after you enter (before the payment).  If you miss this and have a preferred tee time then please email the Secretary.

Time zones are:  Early AM, Late AM, Early PM and Late PM.

There is a fault in the Scottish Golf App that has been referred to the developers, whereby looking up a member by name does not always work and CDH has to be used.  This has sometimes led to duplicate member records being created (this is the big fault).

Please ensure correct CDH is used and that your playing partner is a valid full/student/honorary member in order for them to play.  Associate members and non-members are not eligible to enter.

Some entrants will have received automated emails from the system whilst the Secretary has been resolving the issues caused by this fault.  Please ignore these emails your entry has been corrected.

Commonwealth Spoons – Issues with entries