See below list of entries for the Championship qualifying at Deer Park on Sunday 15th April.  Although the closing date for this is today, 30th March, we will still accept late entries after the Easter break.  If you do wish to enter, contact me as soon as possible at

Jennifer Bryans
Louise Campbell
Jennifer Dick
Mandy Dougal
Karen Ferguson-Snedden
Louise Fraser
Barbara Hamilton
Debbie Hay-Smith
Caroline Johnstone
Gabrielle Macdonald
Letty Mackinnon
Alison Maillardet-Oneill
Karen Marshall
Mandy McBain
Alison McBride
Paula  McDougall
Kate McIntosh
Mollaidh Nicholson
Wendy Nicholson
Janet Reid-Thomas
Susan Rennie
Kate Rorke
Hannah Scott
Sal Shepherd
Caroline Steedman
Fiona  Thorburn
Morag Wardrop



Championship Entries for 2018 at Deer Park GC