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Winner:  Louise Fraser (Comiston Ladies)

1st Round by 29th May 2022 2nd Round by 3rd July  Quarter-Final by 31st July  Semi-Final by 28th August Final 11th September 12:05 Royal Burgess
Bye Carol Brown (Comiston Ladies) Aileen Kennedy (Harburn) Aileen Kennedy (Harburn) Jennifer Bryans (Harburn)
Bye Aileen Kennedy (Harburn)
Amy Foster (Dalmahoy) Caroline Steedman (Murrayfield) Caroline Steedman
Caroline Steedman (Murrayfield)
Karen Ferguson-Sneddon (Mortonhall) Karen Marshall (Baberton)
Karen Marshall (Baberton)
Hilary Laughland (Mortonhall) Hilary Laughland (Mortonhall) Jennifer Bryans (Harburn) Jennifer Bryans (Harburn)
Alyson Scrimgeour (Dundas Parks)
Jennifer Bryans (Harburn) Jennifer Bryans (Harburn)
Anne Hanson (Turnhouse)
Sarah Stichbury (Merchants) Sarah Stichbury (Merchants) Sarah Stichbury (Merchants)
Jen Dick (Turnhouse)
Mhairi Chambers (Niddry Castle) Fiona Wait (Deer Park)
Fiona Wait (Deer Park)
Amanda Liddell (Ratho Park) Liz Calder (Uphall) Alisa Wilson (Craigmillar Park) Wendy Nicholson (Barberton) Louise Fraser (Comiston Ladies)
Liz Calder (Uphall)
Jill McLean (Liberton) Alisa Wilson (Craigmillar Park)
Ailsa Wilson (Craigmillar Park)
Wendy Nicholson (Baberton) Wendy Nicholson (Barberton) Wendy Nicholson (Barberton)
Gill Fisher (Pumpherston)
Katie Darling (Ravelston) Steph Sutherland (Liberton)
Steph Sutherland (Liberton)
Amanda Brown (Niddry Castle) Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park) Debbie Hay-Smith (Murrayfield) Louise Fraser (Comiston Ladies)
Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park)
Debbie Hay-Smith (Murrayfield) Debbie Hay-Smith (Murrayfield)
Sam McGregor (Broomieknowe)
Louise Fraser (Comiston Ladies) Louise Fraser (Comiston Ladies) Louise Fraser (Comiston Ladies)
Dianne Moncrieff (Lochend)
Bye Paula McDougal (Ravelston)
Champion of Champions 2022