Knowing how competitive we golfers are, Anne Brownie ( a volunteer representative for Breakthrough Breast Cancer in Scotland) is incentivising Midlothian Clubs to join in the Great Pink Bake-Off this October. Some individual MCLGA members may already intend participating but if Clubs would like more information from Anne on how her Brownie bake-off incentives would work then please email her at

The Brownie bake-off would cover any form of baking get- together in October in a Midlothian Club or involving MCLGA members . The competitive element would be to hold an event where either the best baking (as judged at the event) or the person raising the most money for Breakthrough would win the incentive. All proceeds raised at incentivised bake offs would go to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. (NB the baking does not need to be “brownies” so look out your fav recipes!!)

Alternatively, find out more about or sign up for the Great Pink Bake-Off on Breakthrough’s website :

Although the featured date for bake-offs is 18th October, anyone wanting to raise some dough to help the fight against breast cancer can arrange their fundraising bake-off anytime in October. Happy baking, and don’t hesitate to contact Anne for more details on the golfers competitive version of bake-offs!

Brownie bake-off for Breakthrough Breast Cancer