What a great win for the team today against East Lothian. We won by 8 matches to 1 but all were played  again in a very courteous and friendly manner.

The weather also helped today as it was mostly warm . Would like to think we may be getting some summer to play golf in but forecast for tomorrow is not good.

WE won all three foursomes today

Kate McIntosh and Wendy Nicholson beat Jane Herd and Clara Young 5/4
Hannah Scott and Alison McBride beat Liz Dunn Butler and Lesley Johnston 4/3
Louise Fraser and Gabrielle Macdonald beat Joanne Free and Susan Penman 3/2

We then won 5 out of the six singles matches with the 6th going to the 18th.

Gabrielle Macdonald beat Clara Young 3/1
Hannah Scott beat Lesley Atkins 7/6
Kate McKintosh was beaten on the 18th by Joanne Free
Karen Ferguson beat Lauren Lee 4/2
Karen Marshall beat Lesley Johnston 4/3
Louise Fraser beat Liz Dunn Butler 3/2

Fife beat Stirling and Clacmannen by 5.5 to 3.5

Further details of the matches will follow

Shot of the day goes to Kate in our team with her positive putt in her finishing hole. Luckily hit the back of the hole!

But really the shot of the day should belong to Elaine Moffat from Fife team who had a hole in one at the 13th Well done Elaine

Brilliant Second Day for our Team at Scotscraig