Autumn Meeting was held at Harburn today and although the entry wasn’t great, everyone enjoyed the course, many playing it for the first time. There were a few high scores on some of the holes but equally some great scores as well. There were 12 two’s recorded, 3 of them by Claire Hargan (Strathmore) and 2 by Olivia Fulton (Craigmillar Park). Local girl Alison McBride-Rourke posted a great 75 early on in the day, only to be denied by Claire Hargan with a 73. The handicap was won my another local “girl”, Margaret Ritchie, with an excellent nett 68.

Results (CSS 72)

1st Scratch & Lady Ford Cup: Claire Hargan (Strathmore) 73

2nd Scratch: Alison McBride-Rourke (Harburn) 75

1st Overall Nett & McIntyre Trophy: Margaret Ritchie (Harburn) 84 (16) 68

2nd Overall Nett: Fiona Ford (Murrayfield) 83 (13) 70

Silver 1st Handicap: Arlene McGarty (Harurn) 77 (5) 72

Silver 2nd handicap: Pamela Williamson (Baberton) 78 (5) 73 bih

Bronze Scratch: Anne McMillan (Kingsknowe) 97

Bronze 1st Handicap: Sheila Hay (Baberton) 100 (23) 77

Many thanks to Harburn for hosting the event, for their kind hospitality and for all the help given by the members on the day.

Autumn Meeting at Harburn