We are keen for our members to come together to celebrate, as a County, our success in winning the Inter County Matches at Gullane and becoming Scottish County Champions after winning the Finals at Hilton Park.  It has been 10 years since we were Scottish County Champions! In addition, the last time we had a celebration event was 15 years ago for our Centenary Year, which was a lunch with reception drink and wine at The Roxburghe Hotel with around 175 people attending.

I’m delighted to advise the MCLGA Committee has approved we progress with the organising of a Celebration Event for all our members to mark our success, and provide the opportunity to say thank you to so many who have supported the County in a range of ways.

We are planning a two course lunch on a Saturday, in late January / early February (dependent on venue), ideally with a reception drink, some wine on each table and a guest speaker.  This enables members to relax and catch-up over the course of the afternoon, and to travel in daylight (where this is a preference). We hope to subsidise tickets slightly but would like an indication of what you are prepared to pay, to help us in determining the best options.

The questionnaire below is to gain an initial indication of:

1) your intention to attend our Celebration Event, and

2) what your preferred price point would be.

These factors will enable us to get more accurate costings and firm details up for members, once we’ve had a chance to liaise with potential venues, etc. We will then communicate final details and seek payment to confirm your attendance. We appreciate your circumstances may change in the meantime.

Many thanks!

Celebration Event – Initial Indication of Attendance

Please ensure you click the ‘Submit’ button on the form and respond by 15 November.

Are you coming to our County Celebration Event?