East of Scotland Team Championship Trophy was presented by Scottish Ladies Golfing Association and first Awarded in 2002. Four players are nominated and registered at the event to compete and the  County with the best 3 scratch scores will count for the Team Trophy.

YearCountyNominated Team Players
2002STIRLING & CLACKMANNANHeather Stirling, Lynn Kenny, Heather MacRae, Linzi Morton
2003FIFEJo Carthew, Fiona Lockhart, Emma Wilson, Ashleigh Wilton
2004FIFEElaine Moffat, Krystle Caithness, Fiona Lockhart, Jo Carthew
2005FIFEFiona Lockhart, Elaine Moffat, Krystle Caithness, Jo Carthew
2006STIRLING & CLACKMANNANHeather MacRae, Alison Davidson, Vicki Stevenson, Linda Allan
2007MIDLOTHIANClaire Hargan, Claire MacDonald, Jane Turner, Rachael Livingstone
2008MIDLOTHIANClaire Hargan, Claire MacDonald, Jane Turner, Rachael Livingstone
2009MIDLOTHIANClaire Hargan, Claire MacDonald, Jane Turner, Rachael Watton
2010FIFENicky Taylor, Lauren Whyte, Susan Jackson, Rachel Hanlon
2011FIFELouise Kenny, Elaine Moffat, Susan Jackson, Lauren Whyte
2012MIDLOTHIANJane Turner, Karen Marshall, Kate McIntosh, Wendy Nicholson
2013FIFEFiona Lockhart, Lorna McKinlay, Susan Jackson (no 4th player)
2014FIFESusan Jackson, Lorna McKinlay, Elaine Moffat (no 4th player)
2015MIDLOTHIANGabrielle MacDonald, Karen Marshall, Hannah Scott, Wendy Nicholson
2016FIFEElaine Moffat, Fiona Hastie, Susan Jackson, Lorna McKinlay
2017MIDLOTHIANLouise Fraser, Karen Marshall, Kate McIntosh, Rachael Livingston
2018STIRLING & CLACKMANNANAlison Davidson, Jennie Allan, Linda Allan, Alison Goodwin
2019MIDLOTHIANKaren Ferguson-Snedden, Karen Marshall, Kate McIntosh, Jennifer Bryans
2020NOT PLAYEDDue to Covid-19 impacting on travel