The East of Scotland Championship Trophy was presented in 1931. It is competed between the four Counties in the East of Scotland Division, East Lothian, Fife, Midlothian and Stirling & Clackmannanshire. Each County will host the event once every four years on a Course in their County. The player returning the lowest gross score over 18 holes will be awarded the East of Scotland Champion Trophy.

YearName County
2023Not contested - weather
2022Kate McIntoshMidlothian
2021Gillian PatonFife
2020Grace CrawfordEast Lothian
2019Karen Ferguson-SneddenMidlothian
2018Alison DavidsonStirling & Clackmannanshire
2017Rachael LivingstoneMidlothian
2016Elaine MoffatFife
2015Hannah ScottMidlothian
2014Susan JacksonFife
2013Fiona HastieFife
2012Jane TurnerMidlothian
2011Louise KenneyFife
2010Mrs A. DavidsonStirling & Clackmannanshire
2009Miss Claire MacDonaldMidlothian
2008Miss Louise KenneyFife
2007Miss Jane TurnerMidlothian
2006Miss Claire HarganMidlothian
2005Miss Fiona LockhartFife
2004Miss Elaine MoffatFife
2003Miss J. CarthewFife
2002Miss H. StirlingStirling & Clackmannanshire
2001Miss H. StirlingStirling & Clackmannanshire
2000Miss H. StirlingStirling & Clackmannanshire
1999Miss L. M. KennyFife
1998Miss F. LockhartFife
1997Mrs S. Grant
1996Miss H. MonaghanEast Lothian
1995Miss L. NicholsonEast Lothian
1994Miss J. FordEast Lothian
1993Miss A. RoseStirling & Clackmannanshire
1992Miss J. FordEast Lothian
1991Miss C. LambertEast Lothian
1990Miss S. M. SpiewakEast Lothian
1989Miss A. RoseStirling & Clackmannanshire
1988Miss J. FordEast Lothian
1987Miss A. RoseStirling & Clackmannanshire
1986Miss J. Harrison
1985Miss L. BennettFife
1984Miss L. A. Hope
1983Miss Dorothy Allan
1982Miss Jean Bald
1981Miss E. M. Miskimmin
1980Mrs B. M. MarshallMidlothian
1979Miss M. StavertMidlothian
1978Miss L. A. Hope
1977Miss L. A. Hope
1976Miss C. P. Panton
1975Mrs A. J. R. Ferguson
1974Miss C. J. Lucton
1973Miss Jean Bald
1972Miss J. B. Lawrence
1971Miss J. B. Lawrence
1970Miss J. I. Hutton
1969Miss J. I. Hutton
1968Miss N. Duncan
1967Mrs A. Mcintosh
1966Miss A. V. Laing
1965Miss Jean Bald
1964Miss B. Crichton
1963Miss Mary NorvalMidlothian
1962Miss M. A. Fowler
1961Mrs Charles Draper
1960Mrs J. Milton
1959Miss M. A. Fowler
1958Mrs J. Aitken
1957Mrs R.T. Peel
1956Mrs R.T. Peel
1955Mrs R.T. Peel
1954Mrs R.T. Peel
1953Miss J. M. Donald
1952Mrs R.T. Peel
1951Mrs R.T. Peel
1950Mrs G. Valentine
1949Miss J. M. Donald
1948Miss J. M. Donald
1947Miss J. M. Donald
1940-46The War Years
1939Miss J. Anderson
1938Miss J. Anderson
1937Miss Purvis Russell Montgomery
1936Miss J. Anderson
1935Mrs R. H. Wallace Williamson
1934Miss H. Nimmo
1933Miss D. Park
1932Mrs J. B. WatsonMidlothian
1931Mrs J. B. WatsonMidlothian