Draw for Adult/Junior Competition Sunday 15 November – Swanston Templar course

10.30         Megan and Angus Linton                        Emma Morrison and Scott Macpherson

10.37         Caitlin and Colin Turner                           Lucy and Ricky Morrison

10.45         Emma and Sandy Watson                      Emily Rigg and Ian McDonald

10.52         Samantha and Gary MacGregor            Lauren and Gary Reid

10.59         Abby and Caroline Steedman                Georgia and Sarah Ledingham

11.06         Lisa Macpherson and William Lamb     Jessica and Andrew Walker

11.13         Julia and Iain Smith                                  Carys and Mandy Irvine

11.20         Emma and Iain Lamond                          Ellie Ferguson and Sue Cowie

11.27         Emily and Brian Tait                                 Emily Walker and Ken Cole

11.35         Erica McIntosh and David Oswald         Emily and Moira Simpson

11.42         Grace and Mr Marshall                            Honor and Andrew Simpson

11.50         Ella and Karen Marshall                          Jessica and Robert Forman

11.58         Nena and Stuart Ramsay                        Holly and Iain McLeish

12.05         Isla and Alasdair McLeish                       Isla and Craig Scott

12.12         Louisa and Katie Forman                       Derek and Martha Johnston

Please report in at 1st tee 10 minutes before your tee time.

Development centre girls please following instructions issued by David.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

Adult/Junior Competition