Even in the dreadful conditions this morning that would have kept many a golfer at home, safely snuggled up in their bed, 7 juniors turned up to take part in the monthly 9-hole competition at the Princes Course. The rain was throwing it down at the start and the wind added to the challenge of the long first hole. But the girls were not to be put off as they, once again, recorded some great scores. Starting with an 8, Heather Laing pulled things together to record her best round of the year and score, net, one below par, showing that her recent reduction in handicap (from 30 to 26) is giving her no cause for concern. She was closely followed into second place by Emma Morrison with a net 3 over par. In the non-handicap section, Julia Smith again had a terrific score of 57 which included a 10 at the 6th hole – what could have been! The Hardy’s were not to be out done, with older sister, Erin, finishing in 2nd place and Carys in third. Certainly the weather did not seem to upset the scoring, with Lisa Macpherson recording her third best round and Joanna Lamb her second best.

Well done girls and thanks again to everyone who helped out this morning and to Karen Marshall for kindly offering her time.

The results are:

1st Handicap: Heather Laing (43-13) net 30
2nd Handicap: Emma Morrison (55-21) net 34

1st Non-handicap: Julia Smith 57
2nd Non-handicap: Erin Hardy 66
3rd Non-handicap: Carys Hardy 70

August is the sixth and final month of the running competition and the final points table is as follows:

Heather Laing – 12 points
Emma Morrison – 11 points
Carla Maran – 6 points

Julia Smith – 21 points
Erin Hardy – 11 points
Sophie Aitchison – 9 points
Carys Hardy – 8 points
Kirsten McCorquodale – 7 points
Emma Morrison – 7 points
Lisa MacPherson – 6 points
Joanna Lamb – 4 points
Gemma Laughland – 4 points
Caitlin Turner – 3 points
Eilidh MacKinnon – 2 points
Anna Maran – 2 points
Cara McCorquodale – 2 points
Emma Watson – 2 points
Holly Gordon – 1 point

In the handicap section, Emma has put up a tremendous fight. She only got her handicap and, therefore, moved into the handicap section half way through the counting season. Congratulations to eventual winner, Heather who narrowly beats Emma to win the MacPherson Trophy for the handicap winner and to Julia who has played superbly in the non-handicap section and wins the Caton Trophy.

9-holes at the Princes Course