In line with the decision at February Reps meeting the split is >=18.0 for Bronze and <=17.9 for Silver.

To be played off full handicap difference.

Please refer to ‘MCLGA Knock-Out Competitions‘ for the full set of rules for the Summer Hole and Hole. This can also be found in the Competitions tab of the web site.

All contacts can be found in the Contact List of the Members Area of the website

Please send your results to the

Winner: Gillian Andrew (Merchants of Edinburgh)

1st Round by 1st May 2022 2nd Round by 5th June 2022 3rd Round by 10th July 2022 Quarter-Final by 7th August 2022 Semi-Final by 4th September 2022 Final by 2nd October 2022
Bye Sandra Wilkes (Deer Park) Sandra Wilkes (Deer Park) Eileen Stevenson (Turnhouse) Eileen Stevenson (Turnhouse)  Julie Robb (Baberton)
Bye Jan Thomson (Turnhouse)
Jane Browitt (Glencorse) Moyra Stratham (Broomieknowe) Eileen Stevenson (Turnhouse)
Moyra Stratham (Broomieknowe)
Eileen Stevenson (Turnhouse) Eileen Stevenson (Turnhouse)
Helen Maxwell (Ravelston)
Denise Turnbull (Kingsknowe) Elsa Todd (Prestonfield) Elsa Todd (Prestonfield) Karen Dallas (Mortonhall)
Elsa Todd (Prestonfield)
Barbara McQuillan (Prestonfield) Barbara McQuillan (Prestonfield)
Mary Stewart (Deer Park)
Sandra Ashurst (Murrayfield) Karen Dallas (Mortonhall) Karen Dallas (Mortonhall)
Karen Dallas (Mortonhall)
Jacky Burnett (Broomieknowe) Jacky Burnett (Broomieknowe)
Anne Pennington (Broomieknowe)
Helen Duff (Newbattle) Helen Duff (Newbattle) Sandra Kempston (Craigmillar Park) Julie Robb (Baberton) Julie Robb (Baberton)
Christine Clarke (Deer Park)
Sandra Kempston (Craigmillar Park) Sandra Kempston (Craigmillar Park)
Andrea Johnstone (Swanston)
Janet Glen (Kingsknowe) Lynn Greenshields (Liberton) Julie Robb (Baberton)
Lynn Greenshields (Liberton)
Julie Robb (Baberton) Julie Robb (Baberton)
Janette Reid (Prestonfield)
Audrey Naden (Kingsknowe) Audrey Naden (Kingsknowe) Audrey Naden (Kingsknowe) Lynn Cranston (Liberton)
Sheila Hunter (Murrayfield)
Marie Swainson (Craigmillar Park) Aileen Brannan (Mortonhall)
Aileen Brannan (Mortonhall)
Anne Leslie (Merchants) Janice Duguid (Ravelston) Lynn Cranston (Liberton)
Janice Duguid (Ravelston)
Lynn Cranston (Liberton) Lynn Cranston (Liberton)
Kate Fulton (Merchants)
Maureen Stewart (Glencorse) Janet Collin (Liberton) Maureen Joyce (Turnhouse) Isobel Halliday (Merchants) Isobel Halliday (Merchants) Gillian Andrew (Merchants)
Janet Collin (Liberton)
Maureen Joyce (Turnhouse) Maureen Joyce (Turnhouse)
Margaret Anderson (Craigmillar Park)
Mary Wilson (Liberton) Mary Wilson (Liberton) Isobel Halliday (Merchants)
Marion Fry (Ravelston)
Anne Bell (Glencorse) Isobel Halliday (Merchants)
Isobel Halliday (Merchants)
Angela Hughes (Kingsknowe) Angela Hughes (Kingsknowe) Pat Horn (Ravelston)  Pat Horn (Ravelston)
Maxine Nicholson (Prestonfield)
Pat Horn (Ravelston) Pat Horn (Ravelston)
Corinne Blyth (Prestonfield)
Lindsay White (Prestonfield) Sara Buchanan (Bruntsfield) Sara Buchanan (Bruntsfield)
Sara Buchanan (Bruntsfield)
Margaret Clark (Merchants) Margaret Clark (Merchants)
Brenda Bell (Turnhouse)
Glenys Pashley-Crawford (Merchants) Susan Gardiner (Ravelston) Irene Allan (Turnhouse)  Gillian Andrew (Merchants) Gillian Andrew (Merchants)
Susan Gardiner (Ravelston)
Ros Carnegie (Turnhouse) Irene Allan (Turnhouse)
Irene Allan (Turnhouse)
Claire Deans (Glencorse) Moira Poyser (Merchants)  Gillian Andrew (Merchants)
Moira Poyser (Merchants)
Ah Nya Plant (Ratho Park) Gillian Andrew (Merchants)
Gillian Andrew (Merchants)
Susan Bowen (Melville) Rosemary Henaughen (Ravelston) Rosemary Henaughen (Ravelston) Gail Corbett (Merchants)
Rosemary Henaughen (Ravelston)
Karen Playfair (Merchants) Maureen Mackay (Kingsknowe)
Maureen Mackay (Kingsknowe)
Bye Avril Auchterlonie (Craigmillar Park) Gail Corbett (Merchants)
Bye Gail Corbett (Merchants)
Summer Hole and Hole – Bronze